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Earlier this year, as I was working with my friends of the St-John Valley to prepare for the two launchings of my book “DESTINATION: MADAWASKA” (See Note 1 below) in Edmundston, NB and at the University of Maine at Fort Kent, I received the news from Louise Martin of the Maine Acadian Heritage Council that the valley had undertaken to invite the World Acadian Congress to come to the St-John Valley for the CMA 2014.

I was very pleased to hear this news because the St-John Valley, while a very significant part of the post-Great Eviction Acadia in the United States and Canada, is not well known and has alot to offer to the World Acadian Congress in terms of history (since 1785), resources (two local universities), major access (Interstate 95 and TransCanada) and points of interest that makes the area an attractive prospect for this event.

Well, just today, I received an e-mail from Karen Theriot Reader, our delegate from California, bringing my attention to a video. I just finished reviewing it and it is fantastic. However, it is in french. But at least for those who are bilingual, or french, this video will be very interesting to watch. It was great to see some of my old friends (Rosaire and Judy Paradis from Frenchville, and Lise Pelletier from the Acadian Archives at the Univerisity of Maine) and even a cousin-in-law, Paul-Émile Soucy from St-Basile. Take a look…

Note 1: For more information on the book, see our press release on 14 February 2009 in our OLD “LA JASEUSE” NEWS STORIES… 2004 through Feb 2009 below or e-mail us at terriot@terriau.org.

Le monde d’icit from AcadieDesTerres&Forets on Vimeo.

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