Well, here we are… now in Moncton and on our way home after we visit some very good friends and family here. The CMA is all done but the shouting. The ‘grande rencontre’ of the Terriot family is all done including the shouting and our Second Conference of the Terriot Acadian Family Society was concluded with alot of follow-up work to be done. I will be posting a next article on the entire experience but first I must make note of a very happy occasion and a surprise occasion at that.

On Thursday, the first day of the Terriot reunion, I was approached by a young man who introduced himself as Daniel Theriault who of course I recognized as son of one of our founding delegates, Adrien who so well represented the Charles and Methaide Great-Branch for so many years before he was deceased. Adrien was one of the principals who we relied upon in the early formative years of the Society for good advice on many key issues.

Well, it was a grand occasion to ‘catch up’ with Daniel. We had corresponded before a few years ago and he generously contributed a history of his branch for our Research section. But it was great to see him in person and to learn that he and his family are doing well.

Of course, since we had not yet found a replacement for his father, I asked Daniel if he would be willing to take his father’s place as delegate of the Charles and Methaide Great-Branch, to which he readily agreed. So, I would like to report that the Charles and Methaide Great-Branch will now be represented by Daniel Theriault of New Brunswick. Soon, Daniel will send us a short biography on himself that we can include in our Summary of Great-Branches document for the benefit of all of our delegates.

A day or two later, I received an e-mail from Daniel with a brief message but more importantly, with an attached photo of Charles and Methaide with their daughters which I have included in this posting. Thank you Daniel… we will add this photo to the Great-Branch Photo History that your father created several years ago. At your convenience, send us the names of the daughters, and where the photo was taken and also the date of the photo if you have that information. We look forward to working with you in the future on matters pertaining to the Charles and Methaide Great-Branch. We will be in touch!

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  2. I do love to see the old photos, especially of the Great-Branch namesakes. Now I will have to find some for my branch!

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