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One of the topics on our agenda for the Second Conference was to continue the good work that MizMo (Aline Theriot Meaux) of Abbyville, Louisiana started with her wonderful short stories of life ‘On the Bayou’ in her growing years. MizMo is our delegate for the Telesphore and Maria Theriot Great-Branch.

Discussing this with Gérard, our delegate for the Gustave and Helene Thériault Great-Branch of Nova Scotia, he arranged with the production company and the author Monsieur Gerard d/Entremont, to allow us to make available on our website, their oral history of southwest Nova Scotia.

Happily, a new section has been created for our website which is titled “Shores of Nova Scotia” and it currently presents three recording sessions that we used for testing and review with the author. Now that Gérard has obtained permission from the production company and the author, we will post the rest of M. d’Entremont’s delightful and most interesting ‘…le coin de l’HISTOIRE ACADIENNE du sud-ouest.’

Checkout “Shores of Nova Scotia” and come back later to listen to the additional sessions. There are a total of three CDs which contain a total of 36 sessions.

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