For what seems to be years now, I have been cleaning out out my files (both on my computer and in my Study) and in general, getting myself reorganized. Over the last decade of operations with the Terriot Acadian Family Society, I have been blessed with so many letters from our delegates and other members of the family. Many are very noteworthy and cannot just be filed but need to be brought to your attention.

One such letter was from Vincent Durant, our delegate for the Philomene and Stephen Great-Branch. This was received around 2 August 2005 when Canada Post issued two special stamps to honor the expulsion of the French Acadians from their homeland. The commemorative stamps are simply beautiful (left click on each set to enlarge) and although I am five years late in bringing this kind thought to your attention, I thought that it is never too late to acknowledge a good deed such as Vincent’s.

Thank you Vincent!

Hint: After you left click on the stamp set to enlarge it, once the new window opens with the enlarged image, left click on that image to enlarge it even further. The detail is exquisite! Can you see the beautiful Évangeline in front of her church in Grand Pré?


  1. Hi, my name is Robin Conner, my grandfather was Richard F. Therriault (note the spelling) and he was born 5-11-24 and died 1-2-1992 in Washington State. I know from my family history that we are related (grandpa wanted to name me Germain had I been a boy). But I cannot find any Therriault's from Washington State in the forum. Does anyone have any information?

  2. Hi Robin… thanks for touching base. A couple of things: (1) would you please contact us via e-mail at terriot@terriau.org so that we can communicate back and forth regarding your genealogy, (2) when you do, please send us the following additional information if you have it:
    (a) your grandmother's name
    (b) your parent's names and their birth dates and places
    (c) if possible, the date and place where your parents and grandparents married. Thanks…

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