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In our business of preserving genealogy and family history, we meet and work with some very dedicated people. It is truly inspiring. People who are so dedicated and who will devote years for the love of their work. One such dedicated lady was Suzanne Lévesque, our Founding Delegate for the Charles and Claudia Thériault Great-Branch of Sainte-Épiphane, QC. Suzanne was one of the first to contact us in our first year to encourage us in our work but to ask us why we had not included her branch in our Archive! I explained how we are organized and that we include only those branches that someone brings to us and who is willing to represent the branch. So she said “Sign me up! What are we waiting for?” That was the start of a long association.

As I continue my current project of reorganizating my files, I recently came up on some materials that were sent to me by another very dedicated lady who I hope I’m not going to embarrass by mentioning her name: Murielle Thériault, our Delegate for the George and Virginie Thériault Great-Branch. Included in Murielle’s package was a photo of Suzanne in her kitchen. Immediately, I wanted to post it here for everyone to see and reminisce.
As many of you know, we lost Suzanne a few years ago after a long battle with her health… and we miss her and her wonderful work and cooperation. Here’s to Suzanne, her very fine work and total dedication. She helped many of our other delegates make some sense out of their genealogy. What would we have done without Suzanne?

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