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Just received a note from Karen Theriot Reader of some news that she picked up from the Parcs Canada website. Thank you, Karen. Karen is our family researcher and genealogist for the Louisiana Theriots and also our administrator for the Terriot DNA Project. She is our delegate for the Joseph Elric and Leora Theriot Great-Branch. Here’s the news…

Last week, the Canadian government unveiled a Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada plaque commemorating the national historic significance of the Acadian aboiteau system. “This maritime technology played a pivotal role in the rise and evolution of the Acadian people during the 17th and 18th centuries,” said Senator Poirier. The Acadian aboiteau system is the essential element of a technique to drain salt marshes. Throughout the colonial period, Acadians were the only people in North America to drain and cultivate a large portion of the rich salt marshes that lay below high tide mark. These exceptionally fertile farmlands were the key to the prosperity of the Acadian community up until the Deportation in 1755. Here’s the first article. … and the second article.

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