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Just received a note from Guy Thériault of the Association des familles Thériault informing us of a film by André Gladu titled “La piste Acadie en Amérique”, or “The Tracks of Acadia in America”. The film briefly overviews the history of Acadia but focuses on the aftermath of the ‘Great Eviction’ in 1755 particularly from  the viewpoint of the Acadians in America today and their contemporary efforts to focus on the acadian culture. The question of whether to liberate the acadian culture or to allow its assimilation to continue is at the forefront of the film. The film is 79 minutes in length which allows significant insight into the thinking and feelings of the acadians on both sides of this question.

In my opinion, this is an important film which should be viewed and understood by all Americans and Canadians whether Acadian or otherwise. While there are segments that are presented in English, the film is in French. But even if your understanding of French is minimal, I would recommend that you view the film. I think that you will get the essence of the ideas that are being presented.

You will recognize two distinguished members of the family in the film, Marie Joe Thério and her evocative music and our family historian, M. Fidèle Thériault of Caraquet, NB and others.

Before you start the film, I encourage you to select the ‘High Quality’ mode for viewing if your connection to the Internet is broadband, and I also recommend that you view the film in ‘Full Screen’.  Here is ‘La piste Acadie en Amérique’.

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