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A new Terriot is born!

Auriane Grace Simone Thériault
Just received word from Matthieu, our delegate for the Julien and Angelique Thériault Great-Branch from Havre aux Maison, Îles de la Madeleine, that a new Thériault was born a few days ago on 7 May.  It is a little girl whom they have named Auriane Grace Simon, and Matthieu very thoughtfully sent along a photo. 
She is just in time for our new update of our Jehan Terriot Archive which will bring the number of Great-Branches very close to 100, if not 100. 
On reading about MizMo’s birthday party on Saturday, Matthieu explained that he would not be able to attend because he’s “…Kinda busy right now and a little tired…”  While I understand how Matthieu might be busy, I cannot understand why he might be tired.”  But thanks for the thought Matthieu. I know that you don’t usually miss a party. 🙂  Congratulations Matthieu and Manda!

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