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Aline Elizabeth Theriot Meaux and children. Erath, LA. May 26, 2012.
Front row – Mary M. Delcambre, Aline ‘MizMo’, David Meaux, Louise M. Duhon
Back row – Danny Meaux, Rosalyce “Cissi” M. Bares, Anna M. Racca,
Joseph “Butch” Meaux, Jr., Laurie M. Domingue and Robbie Meaux.
All members of the ‘Telesphore and Marie Theriot’ Great-Branch
and descendants of Jehan and Perrine Terriot.

To follow up on our earlier posting on “MizMo”s 90th birthday, we heard all the way in New England that it was a grand party for the Theriot’s of Abbeville. The entire family gathered at Louise’s home in Erath, Louisiana to honor their matron; mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. We just received a photo of Aline and her children with promises of more later. Here it is.

It is commendable and telling of her character that “MizMo” to this day stays in touch with the Terriot Acadian Family and tends to her responsibility as genealogist and delegate of the ‘Telesphore and Marie Theriot’ Great-Branch. She has asked her daughter Louise to serve as her Associate Delegate to help out. Nice going, Fair Lady!

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