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Publishing New Version of Jehan & Perrine Archive

Adding More Great-Branches and More Delegates!

Adding More Great-Branches and More Delegates!

Just a note to tell you that we have just rolled out a new version of our Jehan & Perrine Terriot Archive. It includes 14,506 individuals, 6020 families, 2058 different family names and 676 source references. In this revision, we increased our number of Great-Branches to 93 and we are currently working on 11-12 more.

Our family website has been updated with the new Archive as well as the new associated documents regarding the Listings of Delegates (104), Great-Branches (93), the List of Migrations and of Lineages.
With this revision, we have had to go to a two volume Descendants’ Report; Volume I is 6.6Mbytes in size while Volume II is 5.6Mbytes large. Each volume includes a few more than 1000 pages. Volume I covers Generations 1 through 9 while Volume II covers generations 10 through 15. Since Volume II mostly covers the members of our family who are still living, the volume will be kept confidential. To prevent those who are not authorized from receiving these documents, both volumes are locked with passwords. Volume I can be printed but Volume II cannot. Changes cannot be made to either volume.
We have changed our policy for securing our family data while still allowing our delegates access to all of the vital statistics for all members of the family whether living or not. Thus, Volume II will not be uploaded to our Delegates’ Library but will be e-mailed to you after I receive an e-mail from you asking for Volume II.
Please review the website documents (Migration List, Delegates’List and Lineage List) for correctness and completeness. Also, go to the Archive and walk through each generation of your branch, again to check for correctness and completeness. Let me know of any errors.  Finally, once you have received both copies of the Descendants’ report, please go through your branch to check our records for correctness and completeness.
I want to thank you for your patience especially those of you who have been waiting on me for so long and those who have told me several times to change something and for some reason, I did not make the change. I appreciate your patience. To the new delegates, please let me know of any questions. I am as close as your computer.

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