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We recently have re-doubled our efforts a few weeks ago to focus on the histories of our Great-Branches. In my opinion, much of the fun of being involved in genealogy is that it allows us to understand the history of our ancestors. Aside from knowing who they were, it’s also alot of fun perhaps more, […]

NOVA SCOTIAN: ‘Acadian Diaspora’ lacks argument…

Just received a note from Gérard Theriault, our delegate of the “Léo F. & Marguerite R.Theriault” Great-Branch from Petit Ruisseau, NS about an op-ed piece that he read in his local Chronicle Herald. The information was very timely, Gérard, because while I did get a copy of Christopher Dodson’s book titled “The Acadian Diaspora: An […]


It’s hard to believe but we are approaching our 12th year with our Terriot family website. Over the years, we have gradually worked on improving the ‘touch and feel’ of the site to try to keep the site interesting, up-to-date and useful. So, we’ve recently made one or two changes, come by for a visit […]


Just received word about a new book titled “Acadia Lost”, a novel. The author Anita Flanagan, aka A.M. Hodge had just visited our family website and wanted to tell us about her book that was recently published by Grand Oak Books. She explained in her e-mail that she had come to know some Theriault’s in […]