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Just received word about a new book titled “Acadia Lost”, a novel. The author Anita Flanagan, aka A.M. Hodge had just visited our family website and wanted to tell us about her book that was recently published by Grand Oak Books. She explained in her e-mail that she had come to know some Theriault’s in Plymouth, Massachusetts some years ago.

The book tells a story that is often repeated as many of us would vouch. A family, whose present generation member is set on a course to find more about her Acadian ancestors, and to tell the story of their lives in 18th century Acadia.”…the novel is intended to add texture to the historical facts by fleshing out the kinds of things that the people of 18th century Nova Scotia experienced.”

I will certainly give the book a read. I thought you might be interested in doing the same. . There’s an excerpt from the book and a word from the author, on its website, www.acadialost.com.

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  1. In advance I want to thank all the contributors for this wonderful trove of history. Not sure what the previous site was like, this one is certainly a welcomed site. I am somewhat new to the never ending search for our ancestors. All the secondary and some primary family history points to Pierre Thibodeau and Jeanne Terriot (spelling variant, I know). I could be one the wrong track all together, however from what I can gather we may be indeed distant relatives. Anyway, I am still enjoying all the information you have amassed. Again, thank you all.

    Your Truly,

    laval thibodeau

    my site, in its’ early stages of development is up a running:


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