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Just a short note to introduce Cleo and Jennifer Terrio to the rest of the family. They are members of the “Lewis and Emma C. Terriot” Great-Branch from Lebanon, Waupaca, Wisconsin. They live in southern California. Jennifer contacted us a few days ago to tell us that they were in Nova Scotia, had met Gérard and Gert in Baie Sainte Marie and were pressing on to other destinations. They are in their third month of their road trip and are now making their plans for their westward trek home which will probably take a few more months.

They had already planned to spend a few days to tour Boston and the local area and so, we were able to take some time with them for lunch in the North End of Boston at our favoriate Italian restaurant. It was a beautiful day… a little blustery for the ladies but altogether the weather was pretty much perfect.

We wish them a ‘bon voyage’ for their westward ride and we will keep them in our thoughts until they return to the home and five children 3,000 miles away.

Jennifer has agreed to join the Terriot Acadian Family as an Associate Delegate. Currently, we have lost contact with Laura Fougere, the current Delegate for the Great-Branch. Hopefully, we will be able to re-establish contact with Laura but if not, Jennifer will step up as the Delegate for the branch. Welcome Cleo and Jennifer!

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