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20130103 jason theriaultHappy New Year everyone!

Just received a brief note from one of our delegates, Senior Master Sergeant Jason Theriault of the “Jean & Catherine Theriault” Great-Branch of Kamouraska, QC. Jason is from the Theriault’s of Salem, Massachusetts and has been delegate since 2001. He was one of the several delegates that Suzanne Levesque helped in getting their genealogy in order.  Suzanne was a Terriot genealogist and delegate of the “Charles and Claudia Thériault” Great-Branch of Ste Épiphane, QC.

Currently, Jason is a career member of the United States Air Force and is a senior Non-Commissioned Officer. He has been deployed numerous times to serve overseas in Europe, Afghanistan and presently, in Korea. My wife Rosemary and I visited Jason and his family during their assignment to Spangdahlem, Germany around Christmas time of 2003.

His family is waiting for him at their permanent base in Florida. Jason and his wife, Tammy have three boys. Jason and Tammy take full advantage of our social networking technology to keep in touch with each other and with their sons.

Recently, Jason caught the attention of the local Armed Forces Network in Korea and highlighted Jason at his favorite pastime: helping other people, exercise and sports, in that order. I’ve known Jason since his inception in the Terriot Acadian Family. He very much represents the best of the Theriault family; generosity and interest in other people.

Here is the AFN video on SMSgt Jason Theriault in South Korea.

Use our COMMENT SPACE HERE BELOW to communicate your best wishes to Jason.

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