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Our activity in the Terriot Acadian Family Society is slowing down after a very busy 10-12 year burst. In the peak years, we were receiving 100 emails a week. Now, we receive about that many in a year. But we’re still working!

Today, we published Version 2016.01 of our “Jehan Terriot Archive” which includes the genealogy of 18,858 individuals who are direct descendants or are married to them. That collection of people includes 7, 908 families that have 2,409 different family names. Since 2012, we have added another 10 Great-Branches for a total of 103 branches. We estimate that the family includes about 500 Great-Branches. So, we still have a way to go.

Our work does not focus just on the genealogy but also looks at the migrations of each branch to understand their migration histories. We are also interested in comparing the lineages of each branch to see which branches are closely related to each other.

So what does this new release of our “Jehan Terriot Archive” mean to you?

If you are a family member or someone interested in the genealogy of the Terriot family, it means that our Archive covers more people, so your chances are greater that you will find your family or find those members of the family that you are interested in.

Vol 1


If you’re are a member of our Society, it means that you may now receive your copy of our “Descendants of Jehan Terriot Report”. The last one that was published was in 2012. It was a little over 2,000 pages long. Our new version of the report comes in two volumes:  Volume 1 which is 2600 pages and covers generations 1 through 11. Volume 2 which is 1600 pages and covers generations 12 through 15. Also, our Archive now includes a larger number of Great-Branches (103) and so, the documents that describe the Great-Branches of our family have been revised and updated and may be downloaded now from our website. The list of Great-Branches is in the GREAT-BRANCH TABLE on the ‘FAMILY GREAT-BRANCHES’ page of our family website (www.terriau.org). The table also lists the Delegates, members of our organization that represent each branch. Similarly, we have updated our LINEAGE TABLE which is also available on that same web page. The table lists the lineage of every branch so that we may understand which branches are closely related to each other. On the ‘MIGRATION FROM ACADIA’ page is where you will find the MIGRATION TABLE which describes the migration of each of the 103 branches, a very interesting aspect of our family history.

By the way, whether you are a member of our organization or member of our family or just a visitor interested in the Terriot family, we have made it very easy for you to go directly to your branch of interest without having to search through some 20,000 names. In addition to describing each Great-Branch and its Delegate, the GREAT-BRANCH TABLE includes a link for each branch which will bring you right to the branch in our Archive. For example, if you want to review the genealogy of the “Alexandre & Marie Alzire Theriot Great-Branch“, go to the GREAT-BRANCH TABLE and find the branch. There, you will see the ‘OPEN GREAT-BRANCH ARCHIVE’ link. Click on  that link and you will be taken directly to the 9th generation ancestor for that branch and of course, you can navigate up and down the lineage of the branch from there.

A note to our Delegates:  please contact us at TERRIOT@TERRIAU.ORG to receive the directions for downloading the Descendants Report and the three tables.

So before you dive into the Archive, take a look first at the GREAT-BRANCH TABLE to learn about the branches and their Delegates.

Try it!  Go to the GREAT-BRANCH TABLE page, find your Great-Branch, click on the link. You’re there.

Then, take a look at the MIGRATION TABLE to see which branches stayed in Acadia or Nova Scotia and those that were forced to migrate to Louisiana, Québec, France and England. Then, checkout the LINEAGE TABLE to see how the branches are related to each other. After looking at these three tables, you will understand the purpose of the Great-Branch organization.

Before, we go on, let me explain the idea of a Great-Branch.

A Great-Branch is defined by each male member of the 9th generation. It’s just a way of organizing the family in a more manageable way. By the way, the babies that are being born in our family today, are usually members of the 16th generation. I am a member of the 12th generation.

My great-grandfather Joseph is a 9th generation ancestor, so he defines a Great-Branch, the ‘Joseph & Théogenie Thériault Great-Branch’. You can find out more about that Great-Branch and see photos of some of the members by visiting its Photo History page. Other Great-Branches also maintain a Photo History page.

As the Delegate for that branch, I answer questions that we receive about the branch and I am responsible for keeping my branch genealogy up to date. We currently have 118 Delegates and Associate Delegates who manage and develop the genealogy for all branches. So, as we have done for the past 15 years, we work together to develop the genealogy and history of our family and as a side-benefit, we get to know each other.

So, the Terriot Acadian Family Society is not a social organization but is an organization that works to develop and integrate our genealogy.  Typically, genealogists focus on certain regions of the continent. For example, New England, Québec, Madawaska, Caraquet, Nova Scotia, Louisiana, etc. The work of the Society however, integrates the genealogy of all Terriot families on the continent to make sure that there are no ‘gaps’ nor inconsistencies. Our work is properly documented with source attributions as you can see in the Bibliography and Sources pages of the Archive. Much of the genealogy work that is published in hard-copy or on the Internet today does not include source attributions or citations. Without knowing the source of genealogy information, it is very difficult to judge the worthiness of the information. Take a look at our Source Citations and Bibliography.

Today, our delegates come from Alaska to Nova Scotia and from Québec to Texas. We have a delegate who lives in Greece, another in Cambodia and a third in Australia. Our work, which is done by email using our website and on occasion, virtual conferencing is usually bilingual to accommodate the two languages of the family.

So, take a look at your family genealogy. If you don’t find your family in our Archive, let us know. We will work with you to develop it and add it to our Archive. You might want to go through our INDEX OF NAMES to see if you can recognize some of your family members. If you prefer to navigate through the entire Archive, go to the Jehan Terriot Archive page and go from there.

Happy trails!


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  1. Phenomenal work!

  2. Congratulations on a monumental work well done!

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