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Finding Your Family Genealogy

With this last release of our Jehan Terriot Archive, we have made it very easy for you to come in and go directly to the genealogy of your family branch. It’s literally a four-step operation. Let’s take my branch for example:  the JOSEPH & THÉOGENIE  THÉRIAULT Great-Branch.

Step One:  Go to the Terriot family website:  WWW.TERRIAU.ORG .  Choose your language, either English or French.

Step Two:From the menu at the top of the page,  select the FAMILY GREAT-BRANCHES / NOS GRANDE BRANCHES page.

Step Three:  Scroll down the GREAT-BRANCHES page to the GREAT-BRANCHES table and click on the table to open it.

Step Four: Scroll down the table to find your branch, in our example, the Joseph & Théogenie Great-Branch. The list is sorted alphabetically by name. When you find your Great-Branch, click on the link in the left column:  “OPEN GREAT-BRANCH ARCHIVE“.

Your branch is shown at the top of the page.  Have fun!


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