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In the Foreword to ‘Destination’, I talk about the absence of Acadian history in the curricula of our public schools in North America. Ask anyone if they have ever heard of Acadia, most will draw a blank. Some might mention Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, Maine without knowing the connection between the park […]

Dictionary of Descendants

One of the features of “DESTINATION: MADAWASKA”, (Second Edition) is the genealogy dictionary of the descendants of Charles Terriault. Charles was a grandson of Joseph Theriault [33] who fled Acadia for St Roch des Aulnaies, Québec in 1759 to avoid the English. He was one of the early settlers of the Madawaska territory. So, if […]


Well, okay. I missed my mark. My original plan was to publish the Second Edition of my book “DESTINATION: MADAWASKA” by Christmas. But one thing led to another and well, here we are, its March 25 and Spring is just around the corner. The book is available around the world on Amazon websites in the […]