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Well, okay. I missed my mark. My original plan was to publish the Second Edition of my book “DESTINATION: MADAWASKA” by Christmas. But one thing led to another and well, here we are, its March 25 and Spring is just around the corner.

The book is available around the world on Amazon websites in the US, Canada (Amazon.com), in Germany, France, Japan, etc.

But the good news is that ‘Destination: Madawaska’ Second Edition is now on Amazon.com’s shelf and is available for sale. The book is BILINGUAL, English and French and is of interest to everyone including:

  • those interested in the overall history of Acadia and its people
  • those interested in the history of the Madawaska territory
  • the descendants of the Terriot (Terriau, Terriault, Theriault, Theriot) family
  • those interested in the migration history of the Theriault’s to the Madawaska Territory
  • the descendants of the Joseph [33] family, his son Charles and grandson, Charles who was the first to settle in present-day St Jacques, NB.
  • the Theriault’s, Plourde’s, St-Onge’s and Morneault’s of St Jacques, NB and Moulin Morneault and Baker Brook, NB
  • the descendants of Charles Terriault who wish to teach their children and grandchildren where their names are in our family genealogy.

The book makes an excellent gift for a Theriault grandfather or grandmother to their grandchildren.

But for those who may not know, Destination: Madawaska talks about Charles Terriault’s life. Charles was the first Acadian to settle what is today St Jacques, NB in 1823. The book begins by summarizing the history of Acadia before Charles was born including the Great Eviction in 1755; how Charles’ father, Joseph fled Acadia in 1759 and resettled his family in Lower Canada, as it was called at that time. Two generations later, Charles left Lower Canada with his new bride to join the Acadians who were moving into the Madawaska territory to get away from the English. So, the book is a quick-study on Acadian history and also presents a detailed description of Charles’ life in Madawaska to start a new life in the 1800’s.

The book is bilingual and reminds us all of our French heritage.

The book also introduces us to the aunts and uncles that we use to hear our parents talk about; Tante Pélagie, Oncle Adolphe, Tante Claudia and of course ‘vieux grand-père Joseph’s’ family with Régis, Joachim, Antoine and the girls: Édith, Delphine, Flavie, Christine, Délia and Soeur Almida. But more than that, I also go into much detail about the Theriault connection with the Morneault, Plourde and St-Onge families in St-Jacques. A very important connection indeed!

The book includes a genealogy dictionary of the descendants of Charles Terriault showing all the names of the descendants including some born as recently as in the year 2000.

Now, let me tell you about some of the additions that I have made. The First Edition was 100 pages in size. The Second Edition is 300 pages.  The photos and other illustrations are much larger. Some are even large enough to frame!

First, if you are related to the Theriault’s of St Jacques, NB or Baker Brook, NB or you’re married to one, or you are cousins with one or even more distant relationships, then your name is mentioned in the Second Edition. I have added a ‘Descendants of Charles Terriault Dictionary’. If you have not read the First Edition, you may not know who Charles Terriault is. So, to give you a point of reference, Charles is my third great-grandfather. (In the book, I tell you exactly where he settled…. he basically owned about 60% of the town of St Jacques as it exists today.)  He is a member of the Terriot family’s 7th generation. To give you an example, I am a member of the 12th generation along with all of my Theriault cousins. Our parents were members of the 11th generation. You will even see the names of some of the members of our 15th generation! The ‘Dictionary’ is about 100 pages long and includes a name listing to make it easy for you to find your name and other people. It is very easy to use.

The book takes advantage of our GPS technology to point out exact locations of important places where Acadian history and Terriot family history took place.

Speaking of Charles Terriault…  it turns out that in the First Edition, we incorrectly identified an important photo. Using computers and my graphic software to look at the pixel level, I was able to see that the old tin-type photo had been signed by Tante Pélagie telling us that the person in the photo was her grandfather Charles Theriault! (See photo of Charles above.) It’s the only photo we have of Charles. By the way, he was born in 1796 and died in 1880. The photo was taken around the late 1870’s!

In my current work on “Moulins du Madawaska” (Mills of Madawaska), I write about how the Theriault’s got into the business of building and running mills… sawmills, flour mills and wool carding mills. The discussion involves one of the Theriault’s who migrated from southern New Brunswick up to St-Basile. This was Joseph [1804] Terriault who married one of the Thibodeau daughters. The Thibodeau family was a big mill family. So, that’s how the Theriault’s came to be involved in the mill business.


So, this is a good opportunity for you to pass our family history on to your children or to a friend who is interested in Acadian history. The book is bilingual, a quick read and is an easy way to learn the history of the Acadians and of course, of our family. The history is summarized and is loaded with more than 70 photos, maps and other illustrations. You may order the book on Amazon.com from anywhere in the world for $20 US now, or from your favorite bookstore. Here’s the link to Amazon:
“Destination: Madawaska” at Amazon

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