J. R. Theriault

Terriot’s in the Acadian Colony

Before beginning its biography of the young Acadian, Charles Terriault, the book ‘DESTINATION: MADAWASKA’ walks through a brief history of the founding of Acadia and the first generations of the Terriot family in early Acadia in the 1630’s. The short history is then followed with a summary of each generation of the Acadian family up […]


In the Foreword to ‘Destination’, I talk about the absence of Acadian history in the curricula of our public schools in North America. Ask anyone if they have ever heard of Acadia, most will draw a blank. Some might mention Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, Maine without knowing the connection between the park […]

Dictionary of Descendants

One of the features of “DESTINATION: MADAWASKA”, (Second Edition) is the genealogy dictionary of the descendants of Charles Terriault. Charles was a grandson of Joseph Theriault [33] who fled Acadia for St Roch des Aulnaies, Québec in 1759 to avoid the English. He was one of the early settlers of the Madawaska territory. So, if […]


Well, okay. I missed my mark. My original plan was to publish the Second Edition of my book “DESTINATION: MADAWASKA” by Christmas. But one thing led to another and well, here we are, its March 25 and Spring is just around the corner. The book is available around the world on Amazon websites in the […]

A Christmas Gift… Un cadeau de Noël

COMING SOON… IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS BIENTOT… EN TEMPS POUR NOËL DESTINATION:  MADAWASKA,  Second Edition I’ve learned a few things since 2009 when I released the First Edition of my book and…  there were some things I wished I could have covered in the book. So, I’ve decided to take the plunge and publish a […]

Finding Your Family Genealogy

With this last release of our Jehan Terriot Archive, we have made it very easy for you to come in and go directly to the genealogy of your family branch. It’s literally a four-step operation. Let’s take my branch for example:  the JOSEPH & THÉOGENIE  THÉRIAULT Great-Branch. Step One:  Go to the Terriot family website: […]

UPDATE: Terriot Acadian Family

[Pour la version française, cliquer sur le lien VERSION FRANCAISE “LES JASEUX” en haut de la barre a droite.] Our activity in the Terriot Acadian Family Society is slowing down after a very busy 10-12 year burst. In the peak years, we were receiving 100 emails a week. Now, we receive about that many in a year. But we’re […]

CMA 2014 TERRIOT REUNION: Unbelievable but it’s history!

For the past two years, many of us have been very preoccupied with planning, writing and organizing for the CMA 2014 Reunion of the Terriot family. And now, it is over… history!  I can’t believe it. But what we have are some very sweet memories, many new friends and a few more cousins than we […]


Work on this dictionary started in October 2011. The 480 page book contains the biographies of 2200 people that form part of the history of the area of Sainte Theresa. It is published by the Société d’histoire et de généalogie des Mille-îles de Sainte-Thèrèse. The dictionary is $ 25 sold by our company. People interested […]


PRESS RELEASE: June 1, 2014 Baker Brook Conference on the Theriault Family titled “DESTINATION: MADAWASKA” The ‘Association des familles Thériault d’Amérique’ and the ‘Terriot Acadian Family Society’ together will hold a Conference in Baker Brook, NB on August 16 to discuss the migration of the Theriault family to the Madawaska region from 1790 to 1890. […]


We are very pleased to announce that we have a plan for CMA 2014 in Acadia of the Lands and Forests. I am also very proud and excited of the fact that our little organization and the Association des familles Thériault de l’Amerique du nord (headquartered in Québec) are collaborating in our planning and conduct […]


Here’s the problem:  we have this organization called the “Terriot Acadian Family Society”, or simply “Terriot Acadian Family” for short. It was founded in 1999 just before the turn of the new century. Today, many continue to refer to it as “Joe-Ralph’s organization”, or “Joe-Ralph’s website”… “Joe-Ralph’s Grand Branches”, etc. To introduce and explain our […]


Just a short message to let all delegates know that Mr. Richard Lyness of the CMA L’Acadie des Terres et Forets in Madawaska, Maine called us to let us know that the Terriot Family reunion has been scheduled to open on Saturday, 16 August 2014. I called the organizer, Ken Theriault, Jr and asked him […]


Just puttering around the family website this morning and I was reminded of a gem of a slide presentation that I received from a cousin in Québec.  For those among you who enjoy good music, here are some of the words from the music section of the Terriot website “Acadian, Cajun Music” and the words […]


Just received a note from Murielle Thériault (our delegate for the George & Virginie Thériault Great-Branch of Ontario), about an article that she had just received from Nita, a Louisiana cousin. It is a story of a group of Acadian ancestors who were exiled to Georgia. It is a heart-wrenching story of how desperately the […]


I received a brief message from my friend Ghislain Savoie this morning who is relaying an important radio program from Radio Canada on the ‘Acadians of Maine’. The program is in French but would be interesting to all francophones, especially the people of northern Maine. Lise Pelletier, Director of the Acadian Archives of the University […]

Le Parler Acadien, or Acadian Speak

I just discovered a very entertaining and very interesting video on the origins of some of our Acadian French words and language. Two enterprising young Acadians, Walter and Honoré LeBlanc put together this 12 minute video. To me, coming from the region, it was hilarious to listen to them. Alot of it is ‘tongue-in-cheek’, so […]


Just a short note for a little information on lodging for CMA in New Brunswick & Québec areas of l’Acadie des Terres et Forets… the motels in Edmundston have already begun taking reservations for 2014… in fact, the Best Western in Edmundston is already booked for the two weeks for the CMA. The Best Western […]


In the last few weeks, we have received several queries about the Terriot reunion for the CMA 2014. In a brief phone conversation with Ken Theriault, Jr. of Madawaska, Maine, he explained to me that they were just starting to move in their organization and preparations, and that we would be hearing more from them. […]


Hello Let me first introduce myself. I’m André Thériault, son of Léo Thériault and Angeline Desponts. I live in Sainte-Thérèse 20 km north of Montreal and I am very pleased to participate in this forum for the Thériault family. Thanks to the tireless work of Joseph Thériault, we can see the greatness of our family […]