From our Delegates


Hello Let me first introduce myself. I’m André Thériault, son of Léo Thériault and Angeline Desponts. I live in Sainte-Thérèse 20 km north of Montreal and I am very pleased to participate in this forum for the Thériault family. Thanks to the tireless work of Joseph Thériault, we can see the greatness of our family […]


I just received a short note from Gérard Theriault, our delegate for the “Léo F. & Marguerite R. Theriault” Great-Branch of Church Point, Nova Scotia. Gérard was forwarding an article that was written by Pierre Allard of the “Le Droit” newspaper in Canada. The article pertains to the political scene in Nova Scotia regarding the […]


Happy New Year everyone! Just received a brief note from one of our delegates, Senior Master Sergeant Jason Theriault of the “Jean & Catherine Theriault” Great-Branch of Kamouraska, QC. Jason is from the Theriault’s of Salem, Massachusetts and has been delegate since 2001. He was one of the several delegates that Suzanne Levesque helped in […]

NOVA SCOTIAN: ‘Acadian Diaspora’ lacks argument…

Just received a note from Gérard Theriault, our delegate of the “Léo F. & Marguerite R.Theriault” Great-Branch from Petit Ruisseau, NS about an op-ed piece that he read in his local Chronicle Herald. The information was very timely, Gérard, because while I did get a copy of Christopher Dodson’s book titled “The Acadian Diaspora: An […]

A new Terriot is born!

Auriane Grace Simone Thériault Just received word from Matthieu, our delegate for the Julien and Angelique Thériault Great-Branch from Havre aux Maison, Îles de la Madeleine, that a new Thériault was born a few days ago on 7 May.  It is a little girl whom they have named Auriane Grace Simon, and Matthieu very thoughtfully […]

EDITH COMEAU TUFTS, 91 of Saulnierville, Member of the Order of Canada

Thanks to a tip from Gérard Thériault, our delegate from Nova Scotia, we are able to relay the sad news that Edith Comeau Tufts of Saulnierville died this past Monday, 20 December. As noted by Gerry, “…Edith was the author of “Le Petit Acadien” colouring book and a vibrant lady in Clare.” Her obituary was […]


For what seems to be years now, I have been cleaning out out my files (both on my computer and in my Study) and in general, getting myself reorganized. Over the last decade of operations with the Terriot Acadian Family Society, I have been blessed with so many letters from our delegates and other members […]


Catching up with one of our delegates from down Louisiana ‘on the Bayou’, I learned that she has begun to work on a new book. Her name is Aline Theriot Meaux, delegate for the Telesphore-Maria Theriot Great-Branch. We call her MizMo for short. As you know, she is the one responsible for our “On the […]