Shores of Nova Scotia: More Stories


We would like to bring your attention to a new posting in our Oral Histories section for Nova Scotia. This was written by Gérard Thériault, our delegate from Nova Scotia and is on the subject of mills, in this case a saw mill at the village of Concessions (44° 16′ 51.51″N 66° 4′ 22.93″ W). […]

SHORES OF NOVA SCOTIA: A Few More Family Stories…

We are going to use this posting as a place to write our family stories that have not yet been written. Gérard Thériault has helped us in a major way by making some great oral histories available to us. In addition, you may want to read some of MizMo’s oral histories in the ‘On the […]


One of the topics on our agenda for the Second Conference was to continue the good work that MizMo (Aline Theriot Meaux) of Abbyville, Louisiana started with her wonderful short stories of life ‘On the Bayou’ in her growing years. MizMo is our delegate for the Telesphore and Maria Theriot Great-Branch. Discussing this with Gérard, […]